Child Care Business Coach & Multi-Site Owner

Jody Zabriskie is a Child Care Business Coach for The Child Care Success Company. She has been in the industry for over 25 years. Jody earned a degree in Early Childhood Education and is the founder and CEO of seven successful child care centers in Utah called A to Z Building Blocks.

She serves on many state boards and committees for the state of Utah because she has a passion for collaborating with others to maintain and provide high-quality care and education for children. In 2019, Jody was awarded UAEYC Leader of the Year in the state of Utah.

She joined the Child Care Success Academy in 2019 because she wanted to grow as a leader and learn tactics to help her company leadership excel. Joining the Child Care Success Academy has given her the confidence to share her knowledge and passion with others. She thrives when she knows she is helping others become successful and loves that she can serve the industry in a greater capacity.

Jody was born and raised in Utah. Her passion for the child care industry started when she was 12 years old. She wanted something better for children than what she was experiencing. She wanted to create a safe, loving, and thriving environment for them at least ten hours a day, five days a week. Jody is living her dream daily by giving children and families her time and the kind of environment she has always dreamed about. She has four children: two beautiful young ladies and two handsome boys. She loves being a mother and a wife and feels very blessed to have a wonderful husband and family that supports her passion. She enjoys camping and traveling with her family. She loves the adventure of life because she enjoys learning, growing, and helping others.