Here's what attendees of past Child Care Success Summits™ have to say!

“We decided to bring our entire leadership team and I think they’re all drinking the Kool-Aid, which is fantastic. There is so much to learn from this.”

“This has been the most amazing experience that I have ever had. If you’re thinking about growing your business or just thinking about going to the next level, this is the absolute best place to come.”

“It has been an unbelievable experience. I’m so excited to go back to my business and incorporate the many, many ideas I’ve picked up here. The return on investment for this event is unbelievable.”

“I took so much from this event and I’m so excited and energized to go back home.”

“You’re going to be completely recharged, 1000% rejuvenated and walk away with a hundred different ideas and a million friends.”

“I can’t wait to come back next year and I would recommend anyone to sign up with Kris Murray and their team.”

“I have seen total transformation in my business. I feel like I’m flying high and I can touch the sky.”

“We travel for 19 hours to get here and the value is huge, just massive. No doubt in my mind that the money we invested in coming here will be paid back multiple times over.”

“Without the Child Care Success Summit™ & Kris Murray, would not have the confidence & tools that I need to lead my staff.”

“The experience at the Child Care Success Summit™ is priceless.”

“I got back up to full capacity with a wait list using the strategies I learned from The Child Care Success Summit™.”

“I feel recharged & reenergized to go head on & tackle all the things that I have to do.”