You’re invited to join and 1,300+ child care business leaders for the Child Care Success Summit 2024, where we’ll spend three extraordinary, life-changing days together at , Chicago, IL. You will be provided with transformative proven-to-work, real-world strategies that you can take home to implement in your school soon as you return.

But even better, you’ll be surrounded by a tribe of ECE leaders just like you. You’ll gain friendships that will last a lifetime, experience numerous business and personal breakthroughs, and “A-HA moments” that will hurtle you forward to success in your business. I created the Summit because I recognized a need in the child care community. A need for community, hope, and practical marketing prowess. The Summit is here to fill those needs!

Why Should You Attend This Conference?

Why you should attend...
Here’s just a tiny spoonful of the huge and transformational benefits that you’ll receive when you attend this conference!

Gain Expert Knowledge

The lineup of renowned speakers and industry experts will provide you with the latest research, best practices, and innovative strategies to elevate your child care business. From effective marketing techniques to staff management, financial planning to curriculum development, you will gain practical insights that can drive your business forward.

Be A Better Leader

We’re bringing in highly successful business owners to talk about how to be a smarter, more effective and successful entrepreneur and how to be a leader in your early learning business. We’ve restructured the way we do breakout sessions to eliminate “vendor pitches” and just bring pure strategic content to you, for both directors and owners.

Fall In Love With Your Business Again

It’s NOT just about “positive thinking” and motivation – although you will feel highly motivated when you leave. “More motivation” is a far too simplistic answer to the tough problems you are dealing with in your child care business. You need ANSWERS, clarity and solid, proven advice – which is exactly what you will get when you attend.

Extremely Productive Environment

It’s about being an active participant in a unique and extremely productive environment to help you get refocused on doing the RIGHT things to grow and succeed, whether that means maximizing the enrollment and staff excellence of one location, or growing to your 3rd, 5th, or 15th location.

Achieve New Levels Of Growth And Income

It’s about providing you with the ONLY opportunity to see, in great depth, exactly how your peers are breaking through their current income, time and staff limitations to achieve phenomenal new levels of growth and income.

Marketing And Business-Building Strategies

It’s about you getting to spend 3 full days with other success-focused early learning entrepreneurs who are “heavy users” of the Child Care Success Method™ strategies and methods, many of whom have been with us for years and can attribute huge increases in their personal wealth to the marketing and business- building strategies presented.

Increase Your Revenue & Profits

Learn how to leverage the quality & value of your program to increase rates without getting any pushback from parents.

Hire & Retain A-Players

Stop feeling drained by never-ending staff issues. Learn how to hire & retain A-players who will drive your company and culture forward.

Get Tools & Action Plans to Train Your Team

Take away tangible training materials that will empower you to train your staff according to your vision, mission, and goals.

Hire & Retain A-Players

Stop feeling drained by never-ending staff issues. Learn how to hire & retain A-players who will drive your company and culture forward.

Implement Your Big Vision

Master the art of delegating so you can stop working "in" your business every day and start working "on" your business instead.

Discover What's Working in Your Market

Network & mastermind with child care business owners like you who have successfully grown their businesses from the bottom up.

Get Your Phone Ringing

You're ready to dramatically increase inquiries into your program from quality prospects.

Build a Fool-Proof Marketing Strategy

Eliminate "hope" as a strategy by learning how to effectively use digital & social media ads to grow your enrollment and attract A-players to your company.

Regroup, Refresh & Have Fun

Step away from the chaos of your business for a breath of fresh air and positivity & look at your business "from the outside looking in."

You feel like you’ve tried everything to grow your enrollment but you’re still just breaking even, or even worse, supporting your business with personal funds each month to keep it afloat
You stay up at night hoping that a cutting edge Marketing Fairy will come to your rescue

Then this conference is for you!

– Increase revenue & profits
Break through your negative mindset patterns that are holding you back
Dramatically increase inquiries into your program from quality prospects
Get the latest leadership techniques and skill development to improve your company culture
Discover your program’s unique value and how to effectively communicate it!
Learn exactly how to use digital media and social media ads and posts to grow your enrollment and attract great team members to your company
Have more fun in your business!
Break out into “laser focused” coaching sessions with our experts – AKA start a business makeover
Get tools, action plans, and worksheets to share with your staff that will help you easily transform them into your marketing partners!
Meet and get to know other owners & directors who really “get you” and can help you make that quantum leap
Hire, retain, and motivate the best staff for your program…even create your ‘dream team’
Figure out how to deliver the value your parents are seeking, so you can increase rates without any complaints from customers

Frequently Asked Questions

October 10-12, 2024 at the Marriott Marquis Chicago in Chicago, IL

Yes! We have secured a discounted room block at the Marriott Marquis Chicago that is available on a first-come, first-served basis for Summit attendees to book their rooms through. This link will be available after you have purchased your ticket.

Right now, for a very limited time, you can purchase Super Early Bird Buy One, Get One Free Tickets for $997 per set! This offer is only valid until Sunday, June 30, 2024. After that date, we will no longer be offering Buy One, Get One Free Tickets and ticket prices will increase.

If you are no longer able to attend the event and would like a refund, please email our Support Team at for assistance and help. No refunds will be provided past Friday, September 13, 2024 for any reason.

Yes! Our Exhibit Hall will feature 40+ businesses from all sectors of the ECE industry that we have vetted that offer services and products that we believe can help drive your business forward.