Jennifer Conner
Director of Coaching at The Child Care Success Company

Jennifer Conner is the Director of Coaching at the Child Care Success Company™.  Among her successes, she is most proud of having the privilege of being wife to an awesome husband, mom to four great kids, President/CEO of two very successful child care centers in Louisiana, and Coach to a group of some of the best Owners/Directors in the child care industry. Child Care was something new to Jennifer when she purchased her first center almost twelve years ago, she had worked in outside sales, inside sales, management and marketing with her Bachelor’s Degree being in Management/Marketing AND Psychology – so as you can imagine, the jump to child care was definitely life changing. It also turned out to be the best thing she had ever done with her career. Through her renown delegation skills, she has built up a strong staff culture and a leadership team with an ownership mentality, enabling her to live – and work – from a beach in Mexico!